Cajas National Park

The Cajas National Park can be found in the highlands of Ecuador, about 30 km west from Cuenca. The park is between 3100m and 4450m above sea level which lead to a tundra vegetation and a jagged landscape of hills and valleys. This park is wonderful for ecotourists interested in birdwatching and in encountering rare endangered species. The Cajas National Park is home to many animals including some which are highly endangered. Some of the exotic and wonderful animals native to the lands of this park are the endangered South American condor, the curiquinga (a large black and white raptor), and the giant hummingbird which is the largest hummingbird found in the entire world.
Birdwatchers will have an amazing time as they search for the 157 species of birdsfound in the park. If you are more interested in mammals the park also boasts 44 mammalian species including opossums, cats, and bats. While exploring the area you may also find pumas, coatis, weasels, skunks, foxes, porcupines, pacas, shrews, rabbits and other rodents like the Cajas water mouse and Tate's shrew opossum. The lagoons of Cajas are also home to at least seventeen species of amphibians and is also likely home to a diverse population of insects, since they are the food source of amphibians.