The places you can’t miss in the Pacific Coast


Salinas is among the most treasured spas in the nation. It is also arguably the most visited province in Santa Elenda. The province is celebrated for its attractive beaches and the fact it offers a nice diversity of fun, sports, and landscapes.

The town started as an attachment of the Santa Elena Canton, but in the year 1929, the nation elevated it to a city. Through the decree of the

government of General Alberto Enriquez Gallo, Salinas was designated a canton. This hugely boosted its tourism growth and economic development.

Salinas derives its unique name from its infinite source of salt, which has been industrialized and exploited for years to date. Furthermore, Salinas boasts a geographical surface of approximately 68.7 square kilometers. Its population is 68,785 and its beach extends 15 km.



Included in 2016 in the list of World Network of Surf Cities (WSCN), Montanita is a favored region by international and national tourists who are aficionados of the sport. In the streets of this locale, your eyes will be met by a multitude of adults, youth, and children, all carrying their surfboards.

As I mentioned under “things you should know before visiting the coast of Ecuador”, waves in this town are perfect for anyone who's a fan of surfing. A monument to honor surfers was also built there. The author of this

monument is Gustavo Vargas, and he created it in 2013 in order to showcase the effect surfing has had on this community.

Montanita is also renowned for its adventure tourism, varied cuisine, and famous nightlife that you can practice in the region as well as its surrounding townships. The community’s beach extends a distance of 3.5 km and the town’s territorial surface itself is 1.414 hectares.

The average temperature in the nation is 28°C and the population is approximately 4,500 individuals.

Montañita Ecuador


Puerto Lopez is a conventional fishing city situated on the central Pacific coast best known for humpback whale watching, Isla de la Plata, and the Machalilla National Park. There are lots of things to see in this locale, including reefs, beaches, forests, and trails.

The Puerto Lopez beach is also decorated with huts where you can grab yourself a drink at any time. You can also find restaurants throughout the town serving both international and local dishes at any time of the day.

When you feel like resting and relaxing, you can choose from the vast array of hostels and hotels. Here are three places you must visit if you ever go to Puerto Lopez.

Places to visit in Puerto Lopez

Agua Blanca Village

Agua Blanca Village

Agua Blanca Village is a private established community inside Machalilla National Park. In addition, it hosts the remains of some of the earliest proof of civilizations in the Monteno, South America. It also boasts a sulfur lagoon and trails.

Since the short tour will be an easy, flat trail, you are recommended to just wear your sandals. At the end of the tour, you will find the sulfur lagoon. There is a good chance you’ll be encouraged by the guard to jump in, so I urge you to ensure you bring your swimsuit with you.

When you’ve sufficiently enjoyed your time at the lagoon, the guide will take you back to the museum. But this time, he/she will take you through a different path with a lookout point. The community is usually open to visitors from 8 am to 6 pm.

Los Frailes Beach Park

Los Frailes Beach Park

Los Frailes is a surrounded beach park comprising of three individual beaches and a nature trail. The largest of the three individual beaches is Los Frailes. This is the region to come to if you intend to relax and explore.

The trailhead you will find immediately to your right when you enter the main gate will take you through a colorful trail that’ll run through all lookout points and beaches. The facility situated next to Los Frailes Beach Park features fresh water showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms.

Isla de la Plata

Isla de la Plata

Isla de la Plata is home to lots of strange birds, including, but not limited to Peruvian pelicans, tropicbirds, waved albatrosses, magnificent frigate birds, Nazca boobies, red footed, and blue-footed. The region has also established trails that a guide will walk you through.

After enjoying your tour, most traveling companies will serve you lunch and even permit you to snorkel. In case you come across orcas, dolphins, or whales on your way from (or to) the island, the captain will stop and give you ample time to observe them.