Galapagos wildlife

The wildlife on Galapagos Islands (both in the water and on land), is exceedingly exceptional. If we compare them to the enormity of the Amazon Basin, Galapagos Islands are a very small archipelago that is lost far deep into the ocean.

That said, the nature of Galapagos Island’s natural value does not lie in diversity. In fact, it's in the exact opposite. Galapagos is a remote, harsh island, and the animals that migrated there did not survive through

diversification. Instead, they had to evolve certain traits in order to fit a certain niche in the new environment.

How the species evolved is what will leave awe on your face.

Better yet, the wildlife is a must-see because of the exceptional experience you’ll have when you visit. The islands were isolated for way too long, so the wildlife there did not develop the fear of predators or humans.