Cotopaxi National Park

This stunning park has many natural wonders for every ecotourist to enjoy. Visitors can experience a magical journey into Ecuador's natural heritage when they visit Cotopaxi National Park. The Cotopaxi is the most popular nature reserve in Ecuador. It is conveniently located next to the El Boliche Recreational Area and extends across the Cotopaxi, Pichincha, and Napo provinces.
The centerpiece the of the park is the Cotopaxi Volcano which reaches an altitude of 19,348 ft. Snow prevents flora from forming at the top of the volcano, but there are a variety of different vegetation zones within the park. The low elevations are dominated by humid mountain forests. And one can find about 200 plant species naturally occurring throughout the park. This park also has an abundance of animal life. Explorers can see pumas, marsupial mice, llamas, Andean wolves, deer and many birds. The area around Lake Limpio Pungo is said to be an especially good area for bird watching.