Important Information About Ecuador


Important to know before your trip

Documents you will need when visiting the nation: Residents and foreigners

Ensure you bring with you:

  • Your current and valid passport as well as its visa

  • CAN Y MERCOSUR: passport or any identification document

  • Your Andean Card

Travelers who will need a Visa to access Ecuador

You will need your visa if you come from the following nations: Afghanistan, Cuba, Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, or Nepal.

There is a good chance that the nation’s immigration representatives will ask to see your return ticket in order to ensure you do not intend on staying more than the allowed tourist duration, i.e. 90 days.


For health purposes, ensure you get a yellow fever vaccine before visiting the nation.

Asset Entry Control

In the way that is required by the Organic Law on Prevention, Detection, and Eradication of Crime Financial and Money Laundering related crimes, each traveler who visits or leaves Ecuador with liquid cash, for an amount that is equal or more than $10,000 is obligated to ensure they declare it beforehand to the relevant authorities.

Tips when you’re taking a taxi

  • When in the city, you’re better off taking an Uber, Easy Taxy, or Cabify cab. They are safer

  • Ask for a taxi from your restaurant or hotel

  • The taxi you board ought to be yellow in color with an orange plate

  • Ensure the cab you take works with a taximeter

  • The cab should have an emergency button and a security camera

  • The taxi’s registration number ought to be printed on the doors

  • The safety transportation logo should be visible

Tips when you’re taking a bus

  • If you feel the need to put down your backpack, place it in between your legs

  • For inter-cantonal or interprovincial trips, board the bus at the terminal of every city

  • Try your best not to sleep during the trip. If you feel sleepy, ensure your belongings are close to you

  • If your large suitcase or backpack is placed in the bus’ baggage hold, ensure you receive a receipt, ticket, or voucher

  • Keep checking whether your belongings in your backpack’s top compartment are safe

Tips if you’ll be renting a car

  • To avoid paying fines, ensure you do not go past the speeding limits

  • The speed limits are 100km per hour on highways, 90km per hour on via perimetral, and 50km per hour in the city

When you are sailing

While sailing (either in rivers or on the sea), make sure you do it with the help of a qualified and licensed tour operator or travel agency.

ATMs and Banks

  • Never accept the help of a stranger or company at the ATMs

  • Only access ATMs at public places. They should also be well lit

  • If you are going to the bank or ATM, make sure you’re accompanied by someone you trust

  • If you need to exchange money, only do it at exchange houses or banks